When Less is More - Downsizing in Style While moving into a home of any size can be a large undertaking, for buyers looking to downsize, the transition is often more challenging. Moving to a smaller space may involve sacrifices, but having less room does not mean having to scale back on style. In fact, a homeowner with minimal square footage to work with can maximize their home's overall charm just by using a bit of creativity.

Here are some effective tips to help you downsize in style:
  • Keep, sell, donate, and trash. Although it is difficult to part with possessions, doing so is often a must for anyone planning to move into a smaller home. Begin by dividing belongings into keep, sell, donate, and trash categories. Post items for sale online, or hold a garage sale; offer unwanted furniture and clothes to friends and family or donate it to local charities.

  • Scale it back. Unless a homeowner is trying to make a dramatic statement with an extra-large couch or coffee table, a small space will likely look and feel better with moderately-sized or even slightly smaller furnishings. In fact, a room with furniture that appropriately fits the space will actually seem larger. It is all about scale.

  • Look for multipurpose living room furniture. A piece of furniture with more than one purpose is a downsizer's dream. Coffee tables and ottomans that double as storage cubbies allow guests a place to rest their drinks and feet while the host's belongings remain hidden underneath. And who needs a guest room when the couch has a pull-out bed?

  • Don't just dream of storage, dream on it. Platform and storage beds are ideal for storing items that are used infrequently such as seasonal clothing, spare bedding and linens. Plus, they free up valuable space in bedroom closets, especially those that are shared!

  • "Build" a wall with a simple screen. The smaller the home, the more purposes each room serves. But this does not mean you must eat where you sleep. Consider putting up a screen to divide a room. The room will still feel open but the screen will provide privacy and separation.

  • Consider hanging curtains. Just because the new home has fewer windows does not mean settling for boring window treatments. Hanging curtains on the side of the window pane can make it appear larger, and curtains that run from "floor to ceiling" can create the illusion of height.
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