Home Buyer's Financial Planning Workbook

We Conduct Business Based on Referrals

We spend most all of our working hours serving you. At the conclusion of the transaction, we want you to say, “It should have taken longer, required more effort and cost a lot more!” Now, the relationship begins! We want to become your Realtor® and Loan Officer for life!
We want the relationship to continue beyond the transaction. We want to build our business based upon your trust and the experience exceeding your expectations. We strive for 80% of our business to be based on referrals from our already established clients. It is our task to assist you to increase your net worth, reduce your cash “outflow” and to perform the same results for your family, friends and associates. We ask for your heartfelt referrals.

We are committed to serving your real estate needs.

We are very much aware that when a person views our web site that you are a person with certain needs. We also know that we may not have met you and that you may have been referred to our site by a present or past client. Hence, at this point, without knowing you and your specific needs, we are writing to you to provide you with basic and very generalized information. There are some key reasons that many of our clients refer people to us all year long. Some examples are as follows:

• You own a home, it’s gone up in value, and you desire to refinance the home to reduce your interest rate to lower payments and consolidate auto loans or installment loans and credit card debts to take advantage of the mortgage interest rate deductions.

• You own property and want to refinance it, pull equity out, and use it to purchase additional property. • You have inherited property along with other family members and desire to obtain a loan to buy out other people’s interest in order to move in and live in it or to rent it out.

• You desire to purchase your first home and want to be guided through the process and take advantage of all of the special 1st time buyer programs.

• You have heard about law Down home loans and want to see if you can stop renting and own your 1st home.

• Your family has outgrown your current home and you want to know if you can keep it, rent it, and still buy your move-up home.

• You have arrived financially and want the house on the hill, a trophy home and want to qualify for the financing prior to making your offer so that when you make an offer it is without a finance contingency. • Whoops, a financial reversal has caused you difficulty and you need money to pay off: 

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The Home Buyer's Financial Planning Workbook


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