It’s common to think that selling a home is an expensive endeavor. From repairs to staging, the process can seem overwhelming. But there are ways to help keep costs low during the selling process.

Minor updates to a home can be helpful in attracting buyers. However, going overboard on updates to sell a home may not give you the kind of return you are expecting. For example, adding an office addition or turning the basement into a den may make a home more appealing, but buyers may be unlikely to pay a great deal extra for it, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Instead, you may benefit more from small touch-ups such as repainting, adding new fixtures and hiring a landscaper to improve curb appeal.

In some cases, you may want to undertake a larger project like replacing floors or countertops if you have an outdated kitchen. You may also want to update older appliances. If you decide to take on these renovations, stick to materials used in similar homes in the neighborhood.

I’m happy to show you comparable homes in your neighborhood to see what cost-effective improvements might help you sell your home. Please contact me for more information.