Prep Your Home for Sale So you've prepped your home cosmetically and now you're ready to introduce it to the market! Before you proceed with putting the "For Sale" sign in the ground, there are several key pieces of information you should consider gathering that many of today's savvy buyers are going to want to know.

Survey - Buyers want to know about property lines, easements, conservation buffers, if there is room for a pool, if the property line extends to the water behind your home, etc. Having a survey will help eliminate potential concerns for prospective buyers.

Floor Plan or Appraisal Sketch - A floor plan sketch, or an appraisal with accurate square footage of the home, will be extremely helpful for potential buyers wanting to determine furniture placement.

Utility Bills - Buyers want to know what they can expect with their future heating and cooling bills. Review your bills over the last one to two years to get an estimated average for the various seasons, or call your local utility provider.

Termite Bond - It is common for homes to have some sort of protection plan in place, also known as a bond. Prior to listing your home, obtain a copy of your policy from the provider and get a good understanding so you can relay accurate information to potential buyers.

Pest Control - If you maintain any type of pest control on your property, compile information as to who the provider is, what treatments have been completed, how much you pay and how often service is required. A copy of your service agreement is helpful in this instance.

Insurance - Buyers especially want to know who a seller uses for their homeowner's insurance and how much they pay. Don't be afraid to spread the knowledge.

Product Manuals and Warranty Documents - Now is the time to gather the various product manuals for all items that will be staying in the home such as appliances, water heater, heating and cooling system, ceiling fans, pool equipment, etc.

Service Providers - Compile a list of all service providers/vendors who you have used for any service requirements to your home – lawn service, pool service, A/C company, etc. A new buyer may elect to use them as they make the transition to living in your home.

Covenants and Restrictions, Neighborhood Rules and Information - A contract may hinge on the buyer's review of this information, so it is easiest to have it available ahead of time. If you don't have these, contact your neighborhood's association president or management company for assistance in obtaining a copy.

Gathering this information before you put your home on the market will save time and make the process more efficient once you find a buyer. It may even help your home to sell faster. For additional assistance in getting your home ready to sell, call me today!